The Next Step
Season One, Episode Three
The Next Step
First Aired December 30, 2012
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The Next Step is the third episode of the first season of Glee: The Future Years.


The episode begins in the Auditorium. Natalija is singing her rendition of Make Me Wanna Die. After her powerful performance, she walks off stage, and Mr. Smith calls 'next.' Heather walks on stage.
'My name is Heather Williams and I'll be auditioning with I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman. Demi and Meiko stare at each other in shock. This was the girl who slushied them. Heather sings her song beautifully and walks off stage. 'Okay, next', shouts Mr. Smith. Angelica walks on stage.
'Hey, my name is Angelica Lawson, and I'll be singing Die Young. Angelica sings her song. After she is finished, she walks off. 'Okay, our last auditioner, please' says Mr. Smith. Gabriella walks on stage.
'Hello, I'm Gabriella Brooks, and I'll be auditioning with What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger). Gabriella sings her song perfectly, not messing up a single note. 'Okay, thank you Gabriella', Mr. Smith says, as she walks off.

Later that day, in the Choir Room, Mr. Smith is discussing the auditioners with New Directions.
'Gabriella can't be here, she is the biggest bully in the school', says J.J.
'I agree with J.J', says Demi.
'Me as well', agrees Meiko.
'She sang her song perfectly, let her have a chance', says Ridger.

Back in the auditorium, Natalija, Heather, Angelica and Gabriella are standing on the stage. Mr. Smith and New Directions are in the stage. 'Welcome, all four of you to New Directions', he says. The four are obviously happy, Gabriella smiles at Ridger, who smiles back.

'Ridger!', calls Meiko, through the halls.
'Hey Meiko', he says turning back.
'A few of us are going to BreadstiX, would you want to come?', asks Meiko.
'Sure', says Ridger smiling.

At BreadstiX, Meiko and Ridger are sitting on a table.
'Where is everyone?', asks Ridger.
'I'm not sure, they should be here by now', says Meiko. She picks up her phone and looks at it.
'Sorry about what happened at your house', says Ridger.
'What did happen?', asks Meiko.
'Well, just something with Gabriella', says Ridger. 'Speak of the devil'.
Gabriella walks over to the table, 'Move, Asian', she says.
'Why?', asks Meiko.
'You're sitting with my boyfriend', she says.
'What?', asks Meiko quickly.
She gets up and runs out of BreadstiX.

In the Choir Room, Demi and Phoenix are getting their bags after practice. 'Demi, listen', says Phoenix.
'What?', asks Demi.
'I like you', says Phoenix.
'You know what, I like you too'.
'I meant more then friendship'.
'So did I', says Demi, smiling.
'Will you sing something with me?', asks Phoenix.
'Sure, what song?.
'Your Love Is My Drug.'
The two perform the song, and dance around the Choir Room. After the performance, Demi leans into Phoenix, and they kiss.

The club meets a few days later, in the auditorium. Mr. Smith suggests the sing a group song, so that is what they do. They sing A Thousand Miles, with solos from Ridger, Meiko, Demi, J.J and Calvin.

After practice, everyone but Meiko has left. She walks to the Choir Room to collect her bag. As she walks through the door, she sees Gabriella and Ridger kissing.


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