The Beginning
Season One, Episode One
The beginning
First Aired December 18, 2012
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"Love is Hard"

The Beginning is the first episode of the fanfic Glee: The Future Years.


The episode opens at the lockers, Meiko is staring glumly into hers, when Gabriella walks up.
'Hey there, you Asian, why do you look upset, get 99% in a test?' says Gabriella.
'Gabby, why are you so mean to me', replies Meiko.
'My name is Gabriella, Asian'.
'Sorry, Gabriella', says Meiko rolling her eyes. 'So, why are you mean to me?'
Ridger appears at the other side of the locker hall.
'Well, little Miss Know It All, I don't like you, your a stuck up brat. Why don't you go ship yourself to China or Japan, or wherever your stupid family is from'.
'I'm from America'.
'Good joke'.
'I'm not joking. I was born in America'.
'I don't like it when people lie to me'.
Gabriella slaps Meiko, and Meiko prepares to hit her back.
'OI!', shouts Ridger.
'Oh, now look who's coming over, it's the hot one', says Gabriella.
'Leave her alone', says Ridger.
'Yeah Asian, leave me alone', remarks Gabriella.
'No, Gabriella, I meant you leave Meiko alone. She has a name'.
'Thanks', says Meiko grinning.
'Let's go to lunch', says Ridger.
Ridger and Meiko begin to walk to lunch, when the geogrpahy teacher, Mr Smith walks infront of them. 'Oh, sorry guys'.
He puts a letter on the noticeboard, smirks and walks away. Ridger leads Meiko over to the noitceboard, and see a letter saying they need urgent members for the glee club New Directions. Meiko signs up, closely followed by Ridger.

After school, Meiko meets up with Ridger and the two walk to the auditiorium. They step onto the stage and peer at the seats. They look at each and smile, knowing this is where they belong. Mr Smith enters through the side, and waves at them. They wave back. 'Ok, Meiko, you can audition first, Ridger, take a seat' Mr Smith says, and Ridger goes and sits beside him in the stands.
Meiko sings Reflection. Ridger and Mr Smith cheer, and Ridger swaps with Meiko. He sings Diamonds, and at the end, he is met with applause from Meiko and Mr Smith.
'Well, you two are the first members of the New Directions', Mr Smith says. Meiko and Ridger hug each other excitedly.

The next day, Ridger and Meiko walk past a lonely blonde girl. They go to Ridgers lockers, and Meiko looks back at her.
'That's Demi Summers', Ridger explains.
'Why is she so lonely?' asks Meiko.
'She's new here, and doesn't know where to fit in', Ridger says.
'No one should be alone'.
Meiko walks over to her and smiles. 'Hey, I'm Meiko'.
'I-I'm Demi', she stutters.
'If you're looking for a place to fit in, Glee Club is a good start'.
'I like to sing', Demi says.
The bell rings, signalling the end of the day. 'Come on, auditions are happening', Meiko explains.
Demi walks with Meiko to the auditiorium. Ridger enters, and so does Mr Smith, but he has two other students with him.

Demi starts the auditions first, singing Sister Rosetta. Next, J.J. Faulkner sings a powerful I Stay In Love during the performance, Ridger and Meiko smile happily at each other. Finally, Calvin Stanier sings The Music of the Night. When the Calvin finishes his audition, Mr Smith says 'Well done you three, you all sang beautifully. Welcome to the New Directions'. Demi looks at Meiko and they smile.

Meiko and Ridger begin to walk down the halls when Ridger stops her. 'Hey, Meiko, I need to tell you something'.
'Umm... well-'
'Oh look here is the Asian trying to pick up the hottie' shouts Gabriella across the halls.
Demi appears behind Gabriella and watches the scene.
'Hey! Everyone! Miss Know It All-Asian is trying to get a boyfriend, better hope he's getting into a good university! Her parents might not like him otherwise!' shouts Gabriella.
As Gabriella shouts, everyone stops what they're doing and turns to watch the scene.
'Oh! Where's Adam gone?' shouts Meiko back.
Gabriella runs at Meiko and points her finger so close to Meiko's face, 'don't you EVER say that again'.
'Adam', whispers Meiko.
Gabriella smacks Meiko across the face, who hits her back. Before each of them know it, they're rolling on the floor fighting. The students around them are shouting 'FIGHT FIGHT', all except Demi and Ridger, who are staring at them in shock. Down on the floor, Gabriella punches Meiko in the stomach, and Meiko stops hitting back, clutching her stomach. Gabriella stands up laughing, while Demi runs off quickly. Down on the ground, Ridger has ran up to Meiko and is reassuring her that it's alright. Meiko stands up and follows Demi.
'DEMI!' she calls.
Demi turns around and hugs Meiko, 'you're alright'.
'Yeah', Meiko smiles.
'Good, thanks for helping me out Meiko'
'With what?'
'You've helped me have friends'.
Demi hugs Meiko and walks off.

The next day, at lunch, the New Directions are all sitting together.
'Well, we're the new-New Directions!', says Demi, happily.
The other four cheer happily.
'How many members do we need to compete?' asks J.J.
'12, we're not even half way there', sighs Calvin.
Demi notices a girl sitting by herself. 'Hey guys, why don't we ask her to join us?'
'Sure, if you want' says Ridger.
Demi stands up and walks over to her. Meiko joins her. 'Hey, do you want to come sit with us?', Demi asks.
'Who are you?', replies the girl.
'I'm Demi, and this is Meiko'.
'I'm Heather Williams'.
'So, do you want to come sit with us?', Meiko asks.
'You were that girl who got in the fight with Gabby, weren't you?', asks Heather suspiciously.
'Yeah, she's always picking on me', says Meiko miserably.
'Gabby can be like that sometimes, but she doesn't mean it'.
'How do you know?' interrupts Demi.
'She's my friend?' says Heather.
Demi and Meiko look at each other.
'What?' Meiko asks loudly.
'Yeah, I'm part of the Cheerios' Heather says. 'Cheerios don't like the Glee Club'. She reaches under the table for something, and when her hand comes back up, she has a slushie in her hand. She tosses the slushie at Demi and Meiko.

The episode closes with Ridger, Calvin and J.J. staring wildly at Heather, with Demi and Meiko soaked, their eyes shut tight. Gabriella is seen at the doorway, smirking. Her eyes meet with Heather, and they smile at each other. Gabriella's eyes next go to Meiko, and Meiko meets her with an evil look.


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