The Battle
Season One, Episode Six
The battle!
First Aired January 20, 2013
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The Battle is the sixth episode of the first season of Glee: The Future Years.


The episode opens in the Choir Room. New Directions are sitting in chairs, while Mr. Smith is talking to them.
'As I told you last week, we will have the gender battle for this week', Mr. Smith tells the group. 'Each gender will perform one song, per day, for three days straight'.
'How do we pracitce?', asks Natalija.
'Today you'll practice your first song, which will be performed tomorrow. After you have performed, you will practice your second song after your performance', Mr. Smith explains.
'Do we choose the songs?', asks Drew.
'Of course', says Mr. Smith. 'Ok, go discuss'.
Everyone stands up, then looks confused.
'Where do we practice?', asks Angelica.
'Girls can practice in the auditorium, boys in the choir room'.

As the eight girls arrive in the auditorium, Gabriella stares at Meiko.
'Why are you staring at me?', asks Meiko.
'Well, for starters you look like a hippopatmus, and you're trying to steal my boyfriend. Do not go there, it'll be dirty', says Gabriella, fiercly.
'Umm... I told you I was going to lay off him, and I have', says Meiko.
'Sure, sure', replies Gabriella.
'Umm.. ok', says Demi, 'what song should we practice for today?'
'I like any song from any powerful female artist', says Heather.
'Delta Goodrem?', suggests Phoenix.
The group of girls agree, and begin discussing possible songs.

Meanwhile, in the Choir Room, the boys are discussing different matters.
'So, Lucas, whats about with you and J.J?', asks Drew.
'Nothing, we're just best friends...', says Lucas.
'What, with benefits?', says Calvin.
The other boys begin to laugh.
'No, seriously guys, we're just best friends', says Lucas firmly.
'You mean, best friends like me and Gabriella', says Ridger.
'Talking about you and Gabriella', says Drew, 'how many times have you done it?'.
'Sixteen', replies Ridger, smirking.
'That's quite a lot', says Calvin.
The bell rings and the boys begin to walk out.
'Wait, what song will we sing?', asks Lucas.
'We'll talk on Skype later', says Calvin.

The next day, in the Auditorium, the groups gather.
'Ok, ladies first', Mr. Smith says.
The girls walk up to the stage.
'We'll be singing Sitting On Top Of The World by Delta Goodrem', says J.J.
The girls begin their song, and the solos go to J.J, Meiko, Heather, Demi and Gabriella. As their song comes to a close, the boys look worried.
When the girls finish, the boys walk up to the stage.
'We'll be singing Surrender by The Collective', says Ridger.
All four boys have a solo, with them each singing the notes perfectly, although they had no practice.
'Well done to both groups', says Mr. Smith after the boys have sat down. 'Go and practice your second songs now.
The boys leave to go the Choir Room.

Later that night, on Skype, Demi and Phoenix are talking.
'Did you hear about J.J and Lucas?', asks Demi.
'No? What happened?', asks Phoenix, excitedly.
'Well, there's a rumour going around that they have been seen kissing on numerous occasions,' says Demi.
'I'm sure that's not true', says Phoenix.
'Not everyone in the Glee Club has to get together'
'What do you mean?'
'First it was that whole Gabriella-Meiko-Ridger love triangle, which ended up as Gabriella and Ridger dating, and then there's us'.
'I guess you have a point'
'Hey, I have to go now, can't wait until tomorrow', says Phoenix.

At Glee Club practice, the girls go first again.
'We'll be singing Want U Back by Cher Lloyd', says Phoenix.
During the song, all eight of the New Directions Girls have solos.
The boys are, yet again, stunned by how powerful the performance is.
'Well, that was just amazing', says Mr. Smith.
The boys then take the stage.
'We'll be singing Beauty and a Beat by Justin Bieber', says Calvin.
The song is a duet between Ridger and Calvin, with back-up from Drew and Lucas.

Drew and Lucas meet up after school at the park.
'Why did you call me to come down here in the middle of the night?', asks Lucas curiously.
'I really need to tell someone', says Drew.
'Tell someone what?'
'I'm... I'm...'
'You're what?'
'Only my family knows, most of them are accepting, so that's good. But, I just felt like I needed to tell a friend', says Drew, quietly.

On the third Glee Club practice, the girls perform first, yet again.
'For our final song, we'll be singing Wide Awake by Katy Perry', says Natalija.
The solos go to Angelica, Meiko, Gabriella and Phoenix.
As they finish, Mr. Smith claps and they switch positions with the boys.
'For our last song, we'll be singing In My Head by Jason Derulo,' says Drew.
Yet again, all four of them receive solos.

In the choir room, the New Directions are gathering around.
'The winner of the Gender Battle, and the winners of a gender-based song at Sectionals is...', says Mr. Smith.
'Oh, hurry up,' says Gabriella.
'THE GIRLS', says Mr. Smith.


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