Season One
Season One, Episode
Season One
First Aired December 16, 2012
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Season One is the first season of Gleek4ever2012's fanfic, Glee: The Future Years.


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Title Original Airdate
1. "The Beginning" December 16, 2012
Plot: As new Glee Club coach, Joseph Smith, reinstates the club, five members audition. Through different circumstances, the five meet each other, and immediately become friends. When cheerio, Gabriella Brooks, gets into a fight with Meiko Lin, all hell breaks loose. Heather Williams slushies some of the New Directions members.
2. "Love is Hard" December 23, 2012
Plot: The Glee Club gain three new members; Phoenix EvansDrew Candle and Lucas Cryer, bringing their numbers up to eight. Meanwhile, things heat up between Meiko Lin and Ridger Van-Housen. A secret is revealed about Demi Summers.
3. "The Next Step" December 30, 2012
Plot: New Directions gain their last four members: Gabriella BrooksHeather WilliamsNatalija Jensen and Angelica Lawson. Things heat up with a kiss between Demi Summers and Phoenix Evans.
4. "Avril Time" January 6, 2013
Plot: New Directions hold their first tribute. Gabriella opens up to Meiko, while Demi and Phoenix begin a relationship. 
5. "Past Life" January 13, 2013

Plot: As J.J gets upseting news, her friendship with Lucas gets tighter. Other relationships are put to the test.

Guest Stars: Kelsey Campbell

6. "The Battle" January 20, 2013
Plot: The New Directions have an inside competition - Girls vs. Boys, with the winner getting a number at Sectionals. Drew Candle opens up.
7. "The Lead" January 27, 2013
Plot: J.J, Meiko and Gabriella gear up for Sectionals with a sing-off. Ridger and Meiko's relationship grows.
8. "Love Triangle" February 3, 2013
Plot: Meiko and Ridger become official, to the disappointment of Gabriella, who quits the club. Demi and Phoenix reveal their relationship to New Directions.
9. "The World of Lucas" February 10, 2013



  • There will be a Taylor Swift tribute, followed by a Bruno Mars tribute.
    • The episodes will be 15 and 16.
  • There will be 22 episodes.
  • Sectionals will be episode 11.



  • Kelsey will appear in 2 or 3 episodes in the season.


  • Episode 9 will be about Lucas.


Joseph (Mr. Smith)Edit


  • During episode 9, he will sing in most of the songs.

Meiko, Gabriella and RidgerEdit

  • Meiko, Gabriella and Ridger will have a trio in Episode 11.
  • Meiko and Ridger will share a duet in Episode 22.


  • There will be an episode we the club performs trios.