Past Life
Season One, Episode Five
First Aired January 13, 2012
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Past Life is the fifth episode of the first season of Glee: The Future Years.


The episode opens in Meiko's room. She is singing When I Look At You, with tears in her eyes. She looks around her room after the song finishes, picks up one of several trophies and sighs.

In the hallways, J.J's path is blocked by Kelsey Brooks, her girlfriend.
'Hey Kelsey, baby', says J.J.
'J.J, listen. I know I said I'm bisexual, and in love with you, but that's changed. I'm one hundred percent straight. So I can't do this anymore. Maybe, if you were a guy, I'd date you, sorry'.
'No... No! You can't to this to me!', shouts J.J.
'I'm sorry, it's the way it is'.
Kesley walks off, leaving J.J all alone. Tears begin to appear in her eyes. If I Were A Boy starts to play in the background. She walks down the hallways, singing it. The scene shoots to her in the Auditorium, singing the song all alone.

In the locker hallway, Phoenix and Demi arrive after their morning lessons.
'Hey Phoenix', says Demi, happily.
'Hey, Dem', says Phoenix.
'That's such a cute nickname', says Meiko, walking by.
Phoenix and Demi look at each other, confused.
'Anyway, we have a few hours together, before I leave for camp', says Demi.
'Wait, what camp?', asks Phoenix.
'Umm... Only the camp I've been talking about for a week', says Demi.
'Oh, I wasn't listening, I was too busy thinking of you'.
'So, you were thinking of me, when I was with you?'.
'Uhh... Would that be weird?'
'Nope, because it's you', says Demi, flirtasiously. Demi leans in and kisses Phoenix.

At lunch, J.J is still upset, and Lucas is comforting her.
'It's alright J.J, you'll find your true soulmate soon'.
'But... but... I thought she was my soulmate', says J.J spluttering.
'Your young, you'll find someone soon'.
'Hope so'.
'Tonight, we'll do whatever you want'.
'Let's watch a sad movie'.
'Uhh... ok'.

'Alright, next week we'll have a battle to decide which gender will perform the first song at Sectionals', says Mr. Smith to New Directions.
'Bet the guys will win', says Drew.
'That's so true', says Calvin.
'Oh no, the girls will be the winners', says Angelica.
'Stop, everyone. Mr. Smith, can I suggest a song?', says J.J.
'Sure thing, J.J', says Mr. Smith.
'Which song?', asks Heather.
The scene changes to the New Directions singing in the auditorium. J.J sings the lead, while Calvin, Heather, Lucas and Natalija getting the other solos. As the song comes to a finish, Demi checks her phone.
'Sorry, everyone, but I have to go, otherwise I'll miss my bus', she says.

Lucas and J.J are sitting in J.J's room, watching Marley and Me.
'Thanks for looking after me', says J.J.
'No problem, after all you are my best friend'.
'You've helped me a lot lately, so thank you'.
J.J leans in and kisses Lucas on the cheek. She turns back towards the T.V. as Lucas starts to blush.
'Listen, Kelsey is your past. You need to live in the present', says Lucas.
'You're right, I need to get over her'.

Gabriella and Ridger meet each other after school at the park.
'So, Ridger, I heard something about you and Meiko', says Gabriella sternly.
'What about her?', asks Ridger.
'Someone saw you two kiss after school yesterday'.
'I haven't talked to Meiko in about a week, so believe what you want'.
'You're not denying it'.
'I'm pretty sure I did...'
'That's what you think'.

Six Degrees of Separation begins to play. It is sung by Meiko, Ridger, Gabriella, Phoenix, Demi and J.J. Meiko sings in her room, as Ridger and Gabriella sing at the park. Phoenix sings while calling Demi, but with no reply. Demi sings as she hops off the bus, checking her phone, but having no reception. Finally, J.J sings as Lucas leaves, thinking about the times she spent with Kelsey.


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