Miss You
Season One, Episode Ten
First Aired February 17, 2013
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"The World of Lucas"

Miss You is the tenth episode of the first season of Glee: The Future Years.



  • New Directions struggle to find the twelfth member after Gabriella quits. Can J.J get her to re-join? Demi and Phoenix take their relationship to the next level, but not intimately. Adam, Gabriella's deceased ex-boyfriends birthday is coming up, but how will Gabriella cope?

Gabriella and J.JEdit

  • Adam's birthday is coming up.
  • Gabriella will sing a solo about it.
  • J.J will try to get Gabriella to rejoin.

Demi and PhoenixEdit

  • Demi and Phoenix tell their parents of their relationship.
  • Phoenix's mum is accepting, while Demi's parents aren't.
  • Demi will go to Phoenix's house, where she reveals something deep about her parents.


Guest StarsEdit