Love is Hard
Season One, Episode Two
First Aired December 23, 2012
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Love is Hard is the second episode of the first season of Glee: The Future Years.


The episode opens in Meiko's room. She is collecting her books and stuffing them into her bag. Her phone buzzes and she picks it up. It's a text from Demi, saying 'New people r auditioning today.' Meiko puts her phone down and puts the rest of the books in her bag. She picks up her phone and slips it into her bag. She walks out of her room and down the stairs. She passes by her parents, and they smile at her. She smiles back, all 100% so far this year. She leaves the house and begins to walk to school.

At school, Demi walks past a lonely girl. The girl looks at Demi and smiles, and Demi smiles back. The girl walks up to Demi. 'Hey, you're in Glee Club, aren't you?'
'Yeah, why?'
'I really like to sing, and I was wondering if I could join?'
Demi smiles excitedly 'Sure, meet me here later, and I'll take you to auditions?'

After school, Meiko, J.J, Calvin, Ridger and Mr Smith are all in the auditiorium. 'Is anyone even auditioning?' asks Ridger.
'Yes, Drew Candle and Lucas Cryer should' says J.J
'Who?' asks Meiko.

FLASHBACK - set two days ago
J.J and Calvin are walking down the halls. They walk past a group of jocks. The jocks are shouting things out. Gabriella is leading the jocks on. In the middle of the jocks is two boys. J.J walks up to Gabriella. 'What's going on?'
'These two idiots are trying to audition for that stupid Glee Club'
'I'm in that Glee Club...'
'Oh, so no wonder it's stupid'
'Don't you like singing Gabriella?' Calvin interrupts.
'Shut up, elf'
'Don't speak to him like that', says J.J.
'What ever' Gabriella says, and walks off. The jocks all follow her.
Calvin helps the two boys up.
'Thanks' one of them says.
'It's alright' says J.J
'So, you two were auditioning for Glee? asks Calvin.
'Yeah, I'm Drew, and this is Lucas' says the second one.
The two write their names down on a list.
'Auditions are in two days' says J.J

Back to normal
'Where's Demi? asks Calvin.
'Bringing in another auditioner' says Mr Smith.
The auditorium is in silence for a few seconds, when Demi rushes in, followed by a red haired girl. 'This is Phoenix'.
'Ok, Phoenix, go up to the stage and sing to us'.
Phoenix walks up to the stage. 'Hi, I'm Phoenix Evans and I'll be singing Nobody's Home by Avril Lavigne'. Phoenix sings the song, and during the performance everyone is impressed.
When Phoenix finishes her performance, Mr Smith says 'That was great, welcome to the New Directions'. Phoenix walks over two the New Directions and hugs Demi. She sits down as Lucas and Drew enter.
'Welcome, boys. Who's first?' asks Mr Smith.
'I'll go', says Drew. He rushes to the stage. 'I'm Drew Candle and I'll be singing Titanium by David Guetta'. Drew sings a very powerful rendition, and the members of the New Directions are very excited.
'Welcome to the club, Drew', says Mr Smith. 'Ok, Lucas, you're up'.
Lucas runs to the stage and grabs the microphone. 'Hi, I'm Lucas Cryer and I'll be singing Fix You by Coldplay', says Lucas really quickly.
'Oh no...' says Demi, expecting the worst.
Lucas insteads gives a spectacular performance.
'Welcome, Lucas, you are the eigth member!'

'DEMI!' shouts Phoenix, across the halls. Demi turns around.
'Hey Phoenix', Demi replies, walking up to her.
'Can I ask you something?'
'Have you come out yet?'
'Come out of what?', asks Demi quickly.
'The closet'.
'I know you're a lesbian, don't worry. I am too'.
'How did you know?', asks Demi suspicously.
'You just have a vibe to you'.
'Have you come out yet?
'No, I was going to ask how you did it, but you haven't', Phoenix sighs.

In the next hallway, Meiko and Ridger are walking together. They walk up to Ridger's locker.
'Do you want to come over later, to rehearse something Glee Club?', asks Meiko happily.
'Sure, what song?'
'It'll be a surprise, see you later'.
'Bye', Ridger says as Meiko already walks off.

At Meiko's house, she is preparing for Ridger to arrive. When the doorbell finally rings, she runs to get it.
'Hey Ridger', she says, opening the door.
'My parents are out. Let's go through to my room', Meiko leads Ridger into her room.
The room is full of posters and pink.
'So, what song did you want to practice?' asks Ridger.
'Galaxy, by Jessica Mauboy and Stan Walker. Do you know it?'
Meiko walks over to the stereo and turns it on. The song begins to play. Ridger sings first, followed by Meiko. Meiko sings Jessica Mauboy's parts, while Ridger sings Stan Walkers. During the song, Meiko gets closer to Ridger. At the end, Meiko leans in to kiss him, but he pulls away.
'I can't', he says. Meiko watches as he leaves the house.
She sits down and begins to tear up.

'So, do you want to sing a song as our first ever New Directions group song? Mr Smith asks in Glee Club practice.
'Yes' says Demi excitedly.

Good Time then begins in the auditiorium, with Demi, Meiko and Ridger singing lead. During the performance, Ridger and Meiko keep looking at each other, then quickly looking away. As the song begins to finish, Mr Smith looks happily at the group from the seats. 'Only 4 more to go', he whispers to himself as the episode closes.


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