J.J Faulkner
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: Sophmore, 16
Family & Friends
Friends: Kelsey Campbell

New Directions

Other Information
Series Information
First appearance: The Beginning
Portrayer: Julin Jean
 Jessica Jane 'J.J' Faulkner is a main character on Glee: The Future Years. J.J was created by Ilovehunterclarington.


J.J. is from a wealthy family who lives in New York, Her parents are both women at first she is not proud on having a lesbian parents but soon as she fall in love with her bestfriend Kelsey, she started to ask her parents on how to tell Kelsey about her feelings for her this leads to the close relationship between her parents and her.

Season OneEdit

The BeginningEdit

J.J. is first seen walking into the auditorium with Mr Smith, Ridger and Calvin. She auditions for Glee Club with I Stay In Love. She is later seen celebrating with the rest of the New Directions.

Love is HardEdit

In a flashback, it is revealed J.J. stopped some bullies from bullying Lucas and Drew. She later watches the auditions of Lucas, Drew and Phoenix. J.J. later sings in Good Time.

The Next StepEdit

J.J gets a solo part in A Thousand Miles.

Avril TimeEdit

J.J sings in Complicated.

Past LifeEdit

After Kelsey ends their relationship, she sings If I Were A Boy.  J.J is comforted by Lucas. She then sings in Impossible. Later, she watches a movie with Lucas. Finally, she sings in Six Degrees of Separation.

The BattleEdit

J.J sings in Sitting On Top Of The World and Want U Back.

The LeadEdit

J.J competes with Played. She later sings in Party in the U.S.A.

Love TriangleEdit

J.J sings in DNA.



Season One:

​Solos (In a Group Number)Edit

Season One
Song Episode Solos with
A Thousand Miles The Next Step Ridger, Meiko, Demi and Calvin
Complicated Avril Time Heather, Phoenix, Demi and Meiko
Impossible Past Life Heather, Calvin, Lucas and Natalija
Six Degrees of Separation Ridger, Meiko, Phoenix, Demi and Gabriella
Want U Back The Battle Heather, Natalija, Meiko, Phoenix, Demi, Gabriella and Angelica
Sitting On Top Of The World Gabriella, Meiko, Demi and Heather
Party in the U.S.A. The Lead Meiko and Gabriella
DNA Love Triangle Gabriella, Meiko and Angelica