Calvin Stanier
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Sophmore, 16
Family & Friends
Friends: New Directions
Other Information
Series Information
First appearance: The Beginning
Portrayer: Jack McMullen
 Calvin Stanier is a main character on the fanfic Glee: The Future Years. He was created by Luke&DiannaMagick. 


Calvin has had a hard life, he is an adopted child and has no idea of who his parents are, he was a disruptive child and has been constantly moved from family to family, nobody ever really is able to connect with him emotionally. He is a closed book and will only open up to his closest friends. Calvin has managed to get through life with the music from the greatest musicals which inspire him to get up in the morning. Like many theatrical people he longs to be in the west end or broadway and his dream role would be Marius from les miserablés. Calvins relationship with his foster family is very weak and his love life is very poor due to how secretive he is about his life. Everyone apart from the teachers assume Calvin is a regular student with no major problems. This is entirely not the case.

Season OneEdit

The BeginningEdit

Calvin is first seen walking into the auditorium with Mr Smith, Ridger and J.J. He auditions for Glee Club with The Music of the Night. He is later seen celebrating with the rest of the New Directions.

Love is HardEdit

In a flashback, it is revealed he stopped jocks from bullying Lucas and Drew. He later watches the auditions of Phoenix, Drew and Lucas. He takes part in Good Time.

The Next StepEdit

Calvin gets a solo part in A Thousand Miles.

Avril TimeEdit

Calvin sings in Fall to Pieces.

Past LifeEdit

Calvin sings in Impossible.

The BattleEdit

Calvin sings in Surrender, Beauty and a Beat and In My Head.

The LeadEdit

He is present during the New Directions meeting.

Love TriangleEdit

He is present during the New Directions meeting.



Season One:


Season One:

​Solos (In a Group Number)Edit

Season One
Song Episode Solos with
A Thousand Miles The Next Step Ridger, Meiko, Demi and J.J
Fall to Pieces Avril Time Natalija and Angelica
Impossible Past Life J.J, Natalija, Heather and Lucas
Surrender The Battle Drew, Ridger and Lucas
In My Head