Avril Time
Season One, Episode Four
First Aired January 6, 2013
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Avril Time is the fourth episode of the first season of Glee: The Future Years.


The episode opens in the choir room. Meiko and Gabriella are singing Sk8er Boi. During the performance, they walk over to Ridger and sing to him. As the performance finishes, New Directions look stunned.
'Well, girls. You both sung beautifully', Mr. Smith says. 'Ok, everyone, I was inspired by Phoenix's audition and this duet, so I'm going to do our first tribute. Avril Lavigne.'
The New Directions look around at each other, excitedly.
'I know just the girl song to sing', says Heather.

The scene changes to the Auditorium. The girls are on the stage. Heather starts the singing off, while J.J, Demi, Phoenix and Meiko get solo parts in Complicated. As the song comes to an end, Mr. Smith and the boys look impressed.

In the choir room, Calvin is collecting his bag when Mr. Smith walks in.
'Hey, Calvin, can I ask you something?
'Uh... sure', says Calvin, confused.
'You know the two new girls, Natalija and Angelica?'
'Yeah, what about them?'
'Well during the performance of the girls, they looked a little upset, why don't you talk to them and do a trio number?'
'Sure', says Calvin smiling.

As Calvin walks into the hallway, he sees Angelica and Natilja talking. He walks over to them.
'Hey you two, do you want to sing a trio in Glee Club tomorrow?', he asks.
'Sure, do you have a song in mind?', Angelica asks.
'Uh... not really', he says.
'What about Fall to Pieces?', suggests Natalija.
'Yeah that's a great idea', says Calvin.

The next day, during the Glee Club rehearsal, they sing the song. Calvin begins it, and then the other two join in, making an impressive sound. As the song goes to a close, Mr. Smith is obviously impressed.
'You three should sing trios more often, it's perfect', he says after the song is finished.
'Mr. Smith, we've been thinking, and we really want to do a huge New Directions group number, in the auditorium for you', says Demi.
'Ok', says Mr. Smith.
The New Directions rush to the auditorium.

As Mr. Smith enters, the New Directions begin singing Keep Holding On. Demi, Phoenix, Drew, Lucas, Meiko and Ridger get solos. Mr. Smith is impressed with the 12 members needed to complete the team.
'Great job guys, we're going to win at Sectionals', he says, the club cheering.

In the hallways, Demi and Phoenix are walking together.
'Hey, Demi, are we like... dating?, asks Phoenix, uncertainly.
'Umm... I'm not really sure, I don't mind either way, it's up to you, I guess', replies Demi.
'You can't just say that. It's not JUST my decision, it's both of ours', Phoenix snaps back. She then storms off, leaving Demi looking puzzled.
Demi then walks into the Choir Room, and begins singing I Will Be. After the performance, Demi looks at Phoenix, and says 'Yes'.

When the bell rings, Demi leaves the room, along with the rest of New Directions.
Well, that certainly was interesting, Phoenix sure does have a temper, but hey, I love her. Oh look, there's Ridger and Meiko doing their daily argument, and as usual, there's Gabriella, breaking it up, kissing Ridger in front of Meiko and walking off, says Demi in a voiceover. Oh no, this time it looks like Meiko is crying, I better comfort her.
Demi walks over to Meiko, 'hey are you alright?'
'Oh, hey Demi, not really, I'm sick of this Gabriella and Ridger drama, he was going to tell me something ages ago, I thought it was that he liked me, guess not', she says quickly, sighing.
'You can't keep thinking of him, come on, lets sing a duet together tomorrow in Glee Club', suggests Demi.
'Uh, sure Demi', says Meiko, slightly cheering up.

The next day, in Glee Club, Demi and Meiko singing When You're Gone, directed right at Ridger. When they finish, the New Directions clap them.
'Well done girls', Mr. Smith says. 'Ok, everyone I would like to discuss our setlist for Sectionals. I was thinking we could start off with either a duet or a gender-based group number, with the two final songs being two big group numbers.'
The bell rings, and New Directions leave.

As Meiko leaves, Gabriella walks past. She stops and turns back.
'Hey Meiko, could I talk to you in private for a minute, in the Auditorium', she asks.
'Uh... sure Gabriella'.
The two walk to the auditorium.
'Ok, I know your super annoyed about me and Ridger, so I think I should tell you about... about... Adam'.
'Isn't he your ex that left you?', asks Meiko.
'That's what I told everyone. The truth is he got into a car-crash, he then suffered traumatic brain damage. His parents weren't rich, so mine payed to try to help him. It didn't work. I dipped into a huge depression', Gabriella says, quietly.
'Gabriella, I never knew', says Meiko obviously upset.
'No one did'.
'But, what does this story have to do with Ridger?', asks Meiko curiously.
'Ridger makes me feel the same way Adam did. Adam was everything to me. He's the reason I don't let anyone call me Gabby. Gabby was the last word he ever said'.
'Now I feel bad for trying to take Ridger from you', says Meiko.
'It doesn't matter. But would you sing another duet with me?', asks Gabriella.
'Sure', says Meiko.
Slipped Away begins to play, and the two sing the song, and after it finishes, Gabriella begins to tear up and Meiko hugs her.


All songs sung by Avril Lavigne.

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  • First episode to have all twelve members sing.